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The Avalanche RT comes with a stud ready pattern and is equipped with Hercules’ Exclusive Snow Grip technology. This is basically a package of features that makes the tire capable of performing brilliantly in icy and snowy conditions. The tire is made up of a triple polymer, cold weather compound which optimizes the overall traction of the tire in deep snow conditions.

This construction helps provide optimal handling, steering and braking in harsh weather conditions. It also helps the tire get up to temperature pretty fast and maintain that during contact with snow and ice.

Thin gauge sipes on each corner of the tire provide increased flexibility and tarmac grabbing edges for maximum vehicle control. These sipes make the tire bite the tarmac harder, making the vehicle handle just as good as on dry pavement. This ensures a safer, drama free ride in the snow.

Purchase includes the tire only. The rim shown in the picture is not included. Pictures shown may or may not exactly reflect the actual product. 

Tire Levy Eco Fee is included the price shown. 


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