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The Ironman Polar Trax GEN2 tire is the perfect winter tire for your sedan, minivan or sport utility vehicle. Ideal for the worst winter conditions, the Polar Trax GEN2 tire can also be studded, where permitted by law, giving you maximum grip on icy or heavily snowy roads. The Polar Trax GEN2 tire bears the mountain and snowflake symbol, and among its outstanding capabilities are:

  • Unrivalled ride comfort and quiet
  • Optimum traction even on snow and ice
  • Extreme grip power even in extreme cold

The  Polar Trax GEN2 tire , features great technologies that make it a great partner on the road. These include a directional tread with V-shaped lateral grooves that help to improve acceleration in snow and also promote optimal water evacuation to minimize the risk of hydroplaning.

Also, the center rib of this tire designed for passenger vehicles has a high siping density for extra traction. In spite of Siberian temperatures, this tire retains all its flexibility, thanks to the special high silica compound that helps give you excellent traction power, as much in heavy snow as on icy surfaces. Plus, with the tie-bars used to stiffen the shoulder blocks, you'll enjoy rock-solid stability.

The Polar Trax GEN2 tire has been specially manufactured to withstand the worst winter conditions. With its saw tooth tread design, it literally clings to the pavement to bite through snow and ice, allowing you to maintain perfect control at all times. Moreover, with strategically placed stud pin holes, this tire designed for many types of vehicles gives you exceptional ride comfort and quiet.

Purchase includes the tire only. The rim shown in the picture is not included. Pictures shown may or may not exactly reflect the actual product. 

Tire Levy Eco Fee is included the price shown.

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