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 On multiple occasions I have been asked for a set of used tires. Understandably so, purchasing a set of used tires is tempting when you are on a tight budget. Yet, they will cost you a lot more than new tires in the long run. Here are 3 reasons why: Burning cash  1. "Usable" vs "total" tread depth It is important to differentiate "usable" from "total" tread depth. Brand new tires typically come with a total of 10/32” tread depth, out of which on 8/32” is usable. Why? That’s simply because the minimum allowed tread depth on Canadian roads is 2/32”. When...

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To answer this question I would like to start by saying that most of my life I have lived in Vladivostok, Russia and worked in the tire industry. Being so close to China, Japan and South Korea geographically, I was able to closely follow the development of Asian products. My hometown is marked with a red pin in the image below. In early 90s we started working with American tire brands but quickly switched to Japanese and South Korean manufactures in mid 90s. We didn’t do any business with Chinese factories at that time as I simply wasn’t convinced in their...

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