About Us

We are a progressive, one of a kind tire distributor in Canada. By challenging the traditional distribution scheme and out-of-the box thinking, we were able to make the distribution process a lot more efficient. As a result, we can offer quality tires at very reasonable rates.  

Customers of famous brand name products mainly pay for marketing and inefficient logistics. Famous brand companies, whether it's tires or clothing, spend massive amounts of money on marketing to convince buyers that their products are better. Additionally, costs of several shipments, warehouse costs, series of mark-ups by several middlemen add up quickly. As a result, customers pay substantially more (easily ten-fold) than what they get in return. Why overpay for a brand name? On the flip side, you don't want a knock-off product made using cheap materials and poor practices.

We don't want to support a marketing war between famous brands, so we do not carry their products. With 27 years of experience in the tire industry we found less famous, yet very reliable manufacturers that provide quality products. On top of it, we optimized the distribution method. Finally, you can have a proper set of tires at a fair price!


Thank you,

Sergey Korshunov | Founder & CEO