Kors Tire’s Warranty for tires is limited. Please read and understand the conditions outlined below which are incorporated into and apply to all warranties covered in the Kors Tire Limited Warranty.

Overall Warranty: All warranty coverages provided by Kors Tire are only valid when installation (including, but not limited to, mounting & balancing of tires) is performed by a Kors Tire technician / authorized technician. Warranty coverage is null and void if/when customers use an unauthorized 3rd party for installation or opt to self-install tires.

Kors Tire’s obligation to be bound by the warranty applies to personal use vehicles only, unless otherwise stated and is subject to the customer adhering to all terms set out in the Kors Tire Limited Warranty.  Consistent participation in the Kors Tire maintenance programs as it applies to tires is fundamental term of the warranty contract. Kors Tire’s obligation to be bound by the warranty does not apply if, in the sole opinion of Kors Tire, the customer vehicle has been damaged by modifications, damaged during a vehicular accident, misuse, negligence, fire, act of God, or alterations made by the customer or a third party.

Limitation of Liability: For any labour or tires claimed to be defective, the customer must bring the vehicle in to Kors Tire location to be inspected by a Kors Tire representative within the warranty period. Any labour or tires found to be defective, shall be repaired, replaced at the option of Kors Tire. The liability of Kors Tire shall be limited to the original purchase price and does not include any consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of vehicle or equipment, loss of time, towing, loss of revenue, or inconvenience.

Qualifications for Warranty coverage: Warranty coverage for all tires and services provided in accordance with Kors Tire’s warranty terms & conditions and all the following:

  • If the full purchase price for the parts, labour or products has been paid to Kors Tire
  • All claims are made within 30 days of the discovery of the alleged defect
  • The warranty is for the exclusive benefit of the customer on the invoice and is not transferable
  • The original invoice must accompany this warranty

By purchasing the tires or labour or from Kors Tire, the customer accepts and agrees to the Kors Tire Limited Warranty including without limitation all the terms and conditions of this schedule, the invoice and the Kors Tire Limited Warranty folder. The warranties provided in the Kors Tire Limited Warranty are in substitution for damages to which the customer might otherwise be entitled at law or in equity, and in particular, in lieu of an action for fundamental breach of contract, the customer will be bound by the provisions of such warranty(ies).

The warranty(ies) provided in the Kors Tire Limited Warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, agreements, representations or conditions of Kors Tire whether written, oral, collateral, statutory, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and Kors Tire shall not by virtue of having sold the product, parts or labour be deemed to have made any other warranty, agreement, representation or condition whatsoever.



All Suretrac, Sierra, Ardent,  Centara,  Joyroad, Greentrac, Power Claw tires come with limited manufacturer warranty for the first 1.5mm of tread life or 1 year what comes first.  Should no issues with the tire’s construction arise before 1.5mm worth of tread ware it is determined that the tire is free manufacturer defect, and any further tire coverage will be available through Kors Tire Limited Road Hazard Replacement Program.

 Customer acknowledges that any warranty claims arising due to workmanship or material defect must be pursued directly against the Manufacturer. Kors Tire will only facilitate the process. Installation and balancing fees or other fees associated with the warranty claim will not be reimbursed by the Manufacturer or Kors Tire.


Kors Tire is not responsible for installation and balancing service, or tire damages caused during such services performed by 3rd parties. Additional charges might apply to re-balance at KORS TIRE location. Tire tread wear, sidewall, or tire damage due to road hazards (nail, glass, or other debris), driver-caused errors (running over a curb, overloading the tire) or extreme driving (off-roading, racing, drifting) are not covered by Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (See Tread Life Warranty or Unrepairable Road Hazard Limited Warranty sections)



 An eligible tire that becomes unfit for use which it was designed due to manufacturing defect in workmanship and material will be replaced with an equivalent new SURETRAC, SIERRA, JOYROAD, CENTARA, ARDENT, VERASATYRE, GREENTRAC, POWER CLAW tire on the basis set forth in this Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.


This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty covers new SURETRAC, SIERRA, JOYROAD, CENTARA, ARDENT, VERSATYRE, GREENTRAC, POWER CLAW brand passenger and light truck tires, purchased at Kors Tire locations (online or in-store)

This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and is valid if all the following apply:

  • The tire was purchased and primarily used in Canada.
  • The tire is a size and speed rating equivalent to or greater than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • The tire has been used only on the passenger or light truck vehicle on which it was originally installed.
  • The tire is less than 5 (five) years from the date of tire Manufacture.

                  What This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Does Not Cover:


  Tire damage or irregular wear due to:

  • Road hazards, including, without limitation: Puncture, cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise, bulge, snag, etc. Improper use or operation, including, without limitation: Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire/wheel spinning, use of an improper wheel, tire chain damage, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tire alteration, or for racing or competition purposes.
  • Insufficient or improper maintenance, including, without limitation: failure to rotate tires as recommended, wheel misalignment, worn suspension components, improper tire mounting or demounting, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, or other vehicle conditions, defects, or characteristics.
  • Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting or inflation. Tires with sealant, balance, or other filler material that was not originally applied or inserted by the tire manufacturer. Tires inflated with anything other than air or nitrogen. Improper repair.
  • Improper repair voids this Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.
  • For RFT tires only, improper run-flat or low tire pressure operation, including, without limitation: exceeding speed, distance, or other run-flat/low-pressure operation limitations.
  • Winter tires MUST be used during winter months only. These include the months of September through April, defined as a period beginning on or after September 1st of a given year and ending no later than April 30th of the following year. SURETRAC, SIERRA, JOYROAD, CENTARA, ARDENT, GREENTRAC, POWER CLAW winter tires require documentation of the timing of the installation and removal of the tires each winter to maintain coverage under the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • Flat spotting caused by improper storage or brake lock.



  • Rapid tread wear, or wear-out is NOT COVERED under the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. See the Kors Tire Tread Life Warranty section of this manual.


  • Due to harsh ride or vibration after 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) of tread wear use, limited to no more than one (1) tire per vehicle.
  • Due to pulling after 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) of tread wear use, limited to no more than one (1) tire per vehicle.


  • Uneven or unusual wear patterns, including, without limitation: Shoulder wear, center wear, cupping, or feathering. Tires worn more than 0.8 mm (1/32 inch) difference in remaining tread depth between any two major tread grooves across the tire.



  • Weather/ozone cracking after 4 years from date of tire manufacture, regardless of date of purchase.


  • Tires used in commercial service.
  • Tires purchased as used.
  • Tires purchased and primarily used outside Canada.
  • The cost of applicable federal, provincial, and local taxes and fees, mounting, balancing, studding services, cost of valve stems, transportation cost. Failure to follow any of the safety and maintenance recommendations or warnings contained in the accompanying Tire Maintenance and Safety manual available at www.korstire.ca

This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty is in addition to and/or may be limited by any other applicable written warranty you may have received concerning special tires or situations. Note that additional exclusions, provisions, and owner’s obligations may be contained in other sections of this manual.


At Kors Tire we stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why every tire we sell is available with a industry leading tread life warranty. We try to provide the lowest $ per Km, the best return on every dollar you spent. With available warranties ranging from 2 years/ 30,000km to 4 year/ 70,000km based on pattern you can rest assured you will get more then your moneys worth when you buy from Kors.

Tread Life table:


RX3 / VANTI TOURING                                                    - 70,000KM / 3 YEAR

RX6 SPORT / VANTI HP                                                   - 70,000KM / 3 YEAR

RX702 / VANTI CS                                                            - 70,000KM / 3 YEAR

RX706                                                                                - 70,000KM / 3 YEAR

GRAND TOURER H/T                                                       - 70,000KM / 4 YEAR

RADIAL AT LT                                                                    - 45,000KM / 3 YEAR

RADIAL AT P                                                                      - 45,000KM / 3 YEAR

ADVENTURE AT                                                                - 45,000KM / 3 YEAR

WIDE CLIMBER AWT                                                        - 70,000KM / 3 YEAR

WIDE CLIMBER RT                                                           - 50,000KM / 3 YEAR

WIDE CLIMBER MT                                                          - 30,000KM / 2 YEAR

WIDE CLIMBER MT/2                                                       - 30,000KM / 2 YEAR

TRAIL MT/2                                                                        - 30,000KM / 2 YEAR

MT200                                                                                - 30.000KM / 2 YEAR

Driving habits, road conditions, driving conditions and vehicle maintenance are all factors that contribute to tire wear. If your tires do not reach the miles/kilometers listed in the Tread Life table and meet with all the terms of the Tread Life Limited Warranty (read below), the tires will be replaced as follows:

    If the eligible tire(s) wear evenly (no more than 1/32 or 0.8mm worth of tread depth difference between any two points of the tread surface) across the face of the tread and wear down to 2/32 of an inch (1.6mm) prior to the kilometre rating, we will replace the tire(s) with comparable new tires at a pro-rated price. Pro-rated price will be calculated by dividing the actual distance travelled by the expected distance, multiplied by the Initial price. It is the owner’s obligation to ensure proper tire care to prevent abnormal wear (edge wear, cupping wear, scalloping wear, patching wear, heel/toe wear, feather edge wear, center wear, one sided shoulder wear etc.) otherwise the warranties will be voided. This includes tire rotation every 7,000 - 8,000 km, properly aligned wheels, and proper tire inflation. Please keep a record of all tire rotations and wheel alignments, as these will be required for warranty claims. Tire inflation should be checked once a month.

EXAMPLE: If you purchased a tire for $100 with a tread life limited warranty of 70,000 km and it delivered 56,000 km (80%) prior to wear-out (down to 2/32" or 1.6 mm), the tire will be replaced for $20 off the current selling price of a comparable tire. If the price of the new comparable tire is $110, the cost to you would be $90, plus any additional charges such as mounting, balancing, and any other applicable taxes and government-mandated charges.

The Tread Life Limited Warranty applies only if you are the original purchaser and the tires have been used only on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Tread Life Limited Warranty does not apply to tires:

  • Used in commercial applications including, but not limited to, police, taxi service, limousine, national account, government, and contract sales
  • Supplied as original equipment
  • Installed on any vehicle other than the vehicle on which they were originally installed
  • That after leaving the producing factory have had the tread pattern altered in any manner such as, but not limited to, “siping”, carving, shaving, or having any material applied to the tread surface
  • Split-size fitment, spare tires, winter tires
  • The tires installed on a vehicle registered or normally used outside the United States & Canada
  • The tire was transferred to another vehicle after it was originally installed


  • Are branded as “Blemish” or “NA” or the molded DOT number has been removed or disfigured N the tire was repaired in a manner that does not comply with U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association.
  • That experienced road hazard, potholes, or collision damage, improper mounting or balancing, vandalism, theft, racing, off-road use, long-term improper storage, or other abuse
  •  That are over & under inflation, overloading, or failure to maintain proper tire pressure
  •  That have experienced the addition of liquids, solids, or gases (other than air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide)
  • That have experienced significant ozone or weather cracks or checking occurring four (4) years after the date of purchase or, if that proof is not available, four (4) years after the DOT serial date
  • That experience vehicle mechanical failures, odometer failure, improper alignment, brake & shock failure, or improperly aligned tires causing “irregular treadwear” (i.e., tread groove depth difference of 1/32nds of an inch or more on the same tire)
  •  Are mounted on a wheel that is defective or fails
  •  That experience alteration of tread design to improve traction (e.g., “siping”) or grinding to improve uniformity, or sidewall inlays
  • You must retain your original tire purchase invoice (see the second bullet under Owner’s Obligations) for Tread Life Limited Warranty consideration



    Tire adjustments under this Limited Warranty will only be made at KORS TIRE warehouse 2-1418 Hunter Court, Kelowna, BC, V1X 6E6. Consult a phone (250) 864-8885 or at www.korstire.ca for the details.



    To the extent permitted by law, KORS TIRE deny liability for any indirect, general, special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including economic loss, lost profits, loss of time, loss of vehicle use, or inconvenience, cost of towing, personal injury or death sustained in connection with these tires.

    The remedies set out in this warranty are exclusive and the total liability of KORS TIRE and its affiliates with respect to your new SURETRAC, SIERRA, JOYROAD, CENTARA, ARDENT, VERSATYRE, GREENTRAC, POWER CLAW tire shall not exceed the purchase price of the tire upon which such liability is based.

    Owner’s Obligations

    • You must rotate your tires in accordance with the prescribed rotation patterns as recommended by either the vehicle manufacturer or Kors Tire (every 7,000 - 8,000km)
    • When making a claim under the Tread Life Limited Warranty, you must present your original tire purchase invoice showing the tire description, mileage, and the date the tire(s) were installed
    • You must present the tire to be adjusted to a Kors Tire store; tires replaced as an adjustment become the property of Kors Tire (8948135 Canada Inc). Your vehicle on which the tire was equipped must also be available for inspection
    • You must pay any other applicable taxes and government-mandated charges for any additional service you order at the time of adjustment relating to any unique applications requiring mounting, demounting, or balancing
    • No claim will be recognized unless submitted on a Kors Tire claim form (supplied by a Kors Tire store) filled out by you, the owner, or your authorized agent when presenting the tire for adjustment
    • The tires must be worn down to the treadwear indicators before replacement under the Tread Life Limited Warranty can be considered. That means that the tires must be at (or very near) the 2/32 or 1.6mm of remaining tread depth which is the minimum allowable legal tread depth for most states/provinces and has been adopted by the tire manufacturers as when tires are worn out.
    • Owners must also ensure their vehicle is in proper alignment and tire/wheel assembly balance to prevent abnormal tire wear. Abnormal wear could void any manufacturer warranty. You also need to ensure that the tires operate at the proper cold inflation pressure as outlined in the Owner’s manual. Inflation should be checked once a month. This will be provided at no charge by Kors Tire store. We will help you. Please come and see us.
    • It is your obligation to operate the vehicle within tire/vehicle load capacity and speed limitations.
    • This limited warranty is applicable only in the United States and Canada.



    Nothing in these warranties is intended to be a representation that tire failures cannot occur. To the extent permitted by applicable law, no other representations, warranties, or conditions, whether express or implied, statutory, or otherwise, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall apply to these tires. No one, including without limitation, any employee, dealer, retailer or representative, has the authority to make any representation, promise or agreement that in any way varies the terms or conditions hereof. These warranties and protections give you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that may vary from province to province. To the extent that the provisions of the applicable legislation expressly replace, eliminate, amend, extend, or prohibit any term or terms contained herein, such term or terms shall be accordingly replaced, eliminated, amended, or extended, as the case may be, in accordance with such legislation.