Tire classification cheat sheet: 


  • 3 Seasons - tires suitable for spring, summer and fall driving (March 1 - September 30)
  • BC Winter Approved - BC Ministry of Transportation requires either a 3 peaked mountain with snowflake symbol or  "M+S" symbol . In this category you will find true winter tires (3 peaked mountain/snowflake symbol) as well as year round (M+S symbol) tires that are aggressive enough to be suitable for winter driving. 
  • Winter  - true winter tires (3 peaked mountain/snowflake symbol) are designed for severe winter conditions. Using winter tires in the summer will lead to faster wear, poor handling and traction.

Light Truck Tread Pattern

  • AT - All-Terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces. Moderately aggressive tread pattern is suitable for daily use as well as some off-road use. This tire provides great traction in sandy, rocky and snowy environments. They are also reasonably quiet on the roads and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. 
  • MT - Mud-terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces and are specifically designed for mud bogging, though often used on-the-road as well. Very aggressive tread pattern with big spaces between lugs provides traction and stability in slickest mud conditions and deep snow. Mud-terrain tires will wear faster if used on-the-road, but will definitely make your truck look aggressive.
  • RT Rugged Terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces. Thick, deep sidewall edges with rugged designs match the terrain these tires can conquer. Chunky tread blocks with a high void ratio expel mud, rocks and other debris as if the rough road ahead were moving out of the way for the mighty R/T.

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