Types of Tires

We carry a number of different tires. To help you pick the right tire for your needs, please use this cheat sheet below. Alternatively, we are always available to discuss the options and pros/cons of each. 

Tire classification cheat sheet: 

By Season

  • 3 Seasons - tires suitable for spring, summer, and fall driving (March 1 - September 30). These tires are not suitable for winter driving whatsoever but do provide the best grip and handling in the summer. 
    • Touring - touring tires deliver a smoother ride, reasonable wet and dry traction, low rolling resistance and a pleasant drive.
    • Sport/Performance - performance tires focus on responsive handling, a sporty feel and come with higher speed index.
    • Specialty  - we carry trailer and white sidewall tires for speciality vehicles. 
  • Year Round, Winter Approved - the rubber compound of these tires and their tread pattern allows them to be used year round. BC Ministry of Transportation requires either a 3 peaked mountain with a snowflake symbol or  "M+S" symbol. There are two types of year-round tires
    • All-Season - these tires only have an M+S symbol. They are suitable for some winter/slush driving. Generally, all-season tire with a more aggressive tread pattern will provide better traction compared to a smooth all-season tire. 
    • All-Weather - these tires have an M+S symbol and a 3-peaked mountain snowflake symbol. They will provide better traction in the winter time compared to all-season tires. This is as close as you can get to a true winter tire that could still be used year round. 
    • Winter  - true winter tires (3 peaked mountain/snowflake symbol with or without an M+S symbol) are designed for severe winter conditions. The tread patterns are usually very aggressive and designed specifically for snow/icy conditions. Using winter tires in the summer will lead to faster wear, poor handling and traction.

    By Tread Pattern (Light Trucks)

    All of the Light Truck tires have at least the M+S symbol, which makes them suitable for year round use in BC/AB provinces. Some have M+S and 3 peaked mountain snowflake symbols. 

    • AT - All-Terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces. Moderately aggressive tread pattern is suitable for daily use as well as some off-road use. This tire provides great traction in sandy, rocky and snowy environments. They are also reasonably quiet on the roads and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. 
    • MT - Mud-terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces and are specifically designed for mud bogging, though often used on-the-road as well. Very aggressive tread pattern with big spaces between lugs provides traction and stability in slickest mud conditions and deep snow. Mud-terrain tires will wear faster if used on-the-road, but will definitely make your truck look aggressive.
    • RT  Rugged Terrain M+S tires can be used year-round in BC and AB provinces. Thick, deep sidewall edges with rugged designs match the terrain these tires can conquer. Chunky tread blocks with a high void ratio expel mud, rocks and other debris as if the rough road ahead were moving out of the way for the mighty R/T.