Power Claw PATH RANGER X/T also known as Extreme All Terrain is an all-terrain light truck and SUV tire built for dependable off-road traction and heavy-duty toughness that lasts, it features larger open voids and more aggressive sidewalls than the normal A/T tire but not as much the M/T tire. It’s usually the default go-to for the 4×4 enthusiasts who wants better aggressive looks but more reinforced tread and sidewall than traditional all-terrain tires. Basically, the XT is a heavier version of the AT. So they are better suited to more rugged off-road applications; where you may need the extra strength that a more robust sidewall would provide.

The “X/T” designation refers to a tire that was designed to offer improved performance on-road as well as off-road driving. This means that it will perform better than off-road only tires on pavement but still offer excellent performance off-road.
The heavy duty all steel construction delivers low rolling resistance, superior strength and durability while providing sure-footing and straight tracking.
All-weather tire delivers year-round performance and is 3 peak mountain snowflake certified.

    All steel radial tire provides the best impact resistance, higher load capacity and better comfortable performance.