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33X12.50R20 LT SURETRAC / SIERRA 119R 12/F Wide Climber R/T II

33X12.50R20 LT SURETRAC / SIERRA 119R 12/F Wide Climber R/T II


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Rugged-terrain tires are a combination of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. They offer the driver good on-road handing, comfort and a quiet ride of an all-terrain tire while having the rugged off-road capabilities of a pure mud-terrain tire. This makes them the best of both worlds for drivers. FEATURES WIDE SHOULDER LUGS FOR ENHANCED GRIP, OPEN SPACING FOR EASY CLEAN-OUT POLYGONAL CENTRE LUGS FOR GREAT STABILITY AND TRACTION MUD+SNOW RATED FOR HARSH WINTER CONDITIONS SIPED LUGS CREATE MICRO-PINCH-POINTS FOR ENHANCED HANDLING ON SLICK ROAD SURFACES

Type: Rugged Terrain

Season: All-Season M+S with Snowflake This tire can be used year-round. Either M+S or 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol is required for winter driving in BC and AB provinces.

Load Index: 119

Ply: 12/F

Speed Rating: R

Purchase includes the tire only. The rim shown in the picture is not included. Pictures shown may or may not exactly reflect the actual product.  Tire Levy Eco Fee is included in the price shown.

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