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P 255/50R19 Z 107W XL GRAND TOURER H/T

P 255/50R19 Z 107W XL GRAND TOURER H/T

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Centara / Joyroad / Ardent Grand Tourer

The Grand Tourer H/T  tires are perfect for those SUVs and cars, that rarely find themselves on unpaved roads. The structure of this model is adapted for those conditions and ensures stability during high-speed driving, smooth and quiet motion and fuel economy.

The tread pattern gives the contact surface a large surface area and a stable structure. That significantly increases one’s control over the vehicle. This particular tread design has uniquely large parallel ribs. Their resistance to deformation increases driving stability. Another feature of this tread pattern is the multitude and multidirectionality of the grooves. It helps prevent the car from hydroplaning on wet roads. 

Purchase includes the tire only. The rim shown in the picture is not included. Pictures shown may or may not exactly reflect the actual product. 

Thank You ! 

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